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Picspammy time: 5 ships

I definitely have more than five ships, but these are the ones that make me go all girly and squeaky. I think this picspam firmly establishes that I have A Type: namely, canon (or mostly canon) het ships that involve friendship, UST, complications and some form of collaborative crime solving/ass kicking. (for picspammy challenge 17)...

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I'm in love

Guys guys guys I have a new heroine! She's blonde, kicks ass and her name is...Cara. As lauds so aptly put it, 'you're so predictable'. She's basically the snarktastic icing on the yummy cake that is season 2 of LoTS so far.

She doesn't normally dress like that. She normally wears a more badass (more boobalicious) leather number comme ca:

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Picspam: Favourite Non-White Characters

So there I was, all set to make a picspam of my current favourite pretty people (aka lots of Askars with a dash of Mad Men and a little Katee), when jacinthsong 's post 100 non-white characters appeared on my flist and made me realise with a jolt that every single person in my picspam was white. I'm still going to post it (because ASKARS), but I felt like doing a visual response to the meme that also coincides with picspammy 's latest challenge, 'Something Different'. Here you will find 15 of my favourite non-white characters (from film and tv) and their actors as well (in alphabetical order!).

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What Should Jeeshee Watch? Pt 2: Poll Tiem

What should Jeeshee watch?

The West Wing
Friday Night Lights
Babylon 5
The Wire

- I probably won't be able to watch every series of something that's really long.
- I reserve the right to not get on with something and move on.
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What Should Jeeshee Watch? Pt 1.

There's sod all on the television (via internet) at the moment, and as I've finished LoTS (finally) I need something else to move on to.

SO please leave your suggestions below, and I'll make a poll for the next round out of things I think sound fun and that are available online.

I am up for most stuff - I like things with a fantasy or sci fi twist but I do also like serious dramas. Not so much of a comedy fan but I know there are some great ones I've got to catch up on so really you can nominate anything! A little synopsis would also be fab :)

This post is brought to you by hours of frustration trying to find some Greek subtitles for 'Ta Mystika Tis Edem' and FAILING. But I enjoyed episode 2 regardless - just wish I understood more of the dialogue beyond 'hello' and 'yes, certainly'!
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Okay, okay, heading back to the library...but just wanted to quickly post and mark a very special occasion:

Jeeshee is FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!!

Wow! Can't believe I've been wasting time on this website for so long! Many thanks to deeyah who introduced me to this madness.

I feel like I should post something momentous...but I don't know what. I don't even have an appropriate gif. Anyway, I guess I should also thank all of my wonderful flist, who've put up with a) my moaning about exams, school and university, b) my weird obsessions, c) my cryptic posts which I usually look back on and cringe and d) my erratic commenting/comment replies. I've met some of you in real life, and some of you I now count as good friends, so yay for finding each other through the internet. And seriously, thanks for introducing me to some of my favourite tv shows, music and actors. Hugs all round!

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Spirited Away Picspam

For the current picspammy challenge: a little spam of my favourite scene from Spirited Away. Sen/Chihiro is a girl trapped in the realm of the gods and forced to work in a sorceress' bath house. In order to help her injured friend Haku, she and her companions must take the train across the water. It's a gloriously atmospheric scene with a real sense of loneliness. I love the image of the train going over the water.

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